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Max Taquet

Max Taquet is a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford and a clinical researcher/consultant at Holmusk with background in both clinical psychiatry and engineering. He shares his time between seeing patients and doing research. His research focusses on the use of large multimodal datasets (including electronic health records, mobile phone data, and brain imaging) to try and better characterise and treat mental illness. Prior to studying medicine at the University of Oxford, Max completed a PhD in engineering and was a research fellow at Harvard Medical School where he developed novel brain imaging technologies to map the brain microstructure.

The value of NeuroBlu Data: Reflections on our study in The Lancet Psychiatry

I recently led a team of researchers in a large-scale observational study, which was accepted and published by The Lancet Psychiatry. To our knowledge, our study was the first to study the impact of early clinical trajectory across multiple psychiatric diagnoses.

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